Download & Apply. OpenSolver try up-to-date whenever new features include extra or insects set.

15-January-2021: we lately circulated the beta type of OpenSolver 2.9.4. Free feeling to see the production records when it comes down to variations and new features put. Be sure to write to us when they any problems or dilemmas which you have experienced by leaving comments at the base from the OpenSolver 2.9.4 post.

Please browse the site web page for production info. You may want to make use of the inbuilt modify checker to keep current with the most recent production.

OpenSolver will come in two versions, a less complicated “linear” variation and an “advanced” (non-linear) variation with help for much more solvers, such as non-linear solvers. Both versions are around for Mac and Windows. On Windows, OpenSolver should use succeed 2007 and soon after; we test it on 32 and 64 little bit screens 7/10 in Excel 2010/2013/2016. (more mature versions worked with shine 2003, but we don’t try this anymore.) On Mac computer OS X, it should function making use of succeed for Mac computer 2011 with any type of OS X new than 10.7.

OpenSolver for Mac computer: OpenSolver presently possess limited assistance for shine 2016 for Mac computer. Type 2.8.3 of OpenSolver consists of first assistance for shine 2016 for Mac, and aids design design and modification, plus fixing because of the CBC and Gurobi solvers. Make sure your form of shine 2016 is located at the very least 15.28 for this to your workplace. Sadly, the late 2018 release of Excel 16.16.7 have busted OpenSolver; if you’re able to allow us to debug this, please email us at email hidden; JavaScript is necessary . But all of our user Alexander reported in April 2019 that “OpenSolver works well with MacOS HighSierra together with the most recent Excel revision 16.24, but if your change your OS to Mojave they no longer performs.” (Thank You, Alexander.)

Screens July 2016 company Security up-date Microsoft updated the security criteria for add-ins in July 2016. At this point you need to “Unblock” the .zip file before extracting the files; please start to see the training below and also this assistance items.

Offered Downloads

OpenSolver Linear: here is the less complicated version that eliminates linear versions utilising the COIN-OR CBC optimization engine, because of the alternative of employing Gurobi when you have a permit. A lot of people make use of this variation.

OpenSolver cutting-edge (Non-Linear): along with the linear solvers, this type contains various non-linear solvers and support for resolving versions in cloud utilizing NEOS; more info is here. The majority of this signal is still brand-new and experimental, and so may not work for you.

You can find our packages, including earlier versions, on our start Solver Source Forge website.

To install and make use of OpenSolver:

  1. Grab the OpenSolver Linear zip file (either Mac or windowpanes, chosen instantly with respect to the machine you will be using to see this site). You are able to try our very own fresh Advanced Non-linear OpenSolver for screens (additionally available for Mac) for usage of non-linear solvers.
  2. Correct click the installed zip document, select attributes, and then click the “Unblock” button or checkbox. Should you don’t see this switch (or an equivalent checkbox), you’ll skip this. (this try another criteria following a July 2016 modify to succeed.) Close the Attributes window.
  3. Extract the documents to a convenient area. (All data files and sub-folders, like OpenSolver.xlam, must stay collectively; be sure to you should never go any files or folders outside of the unzipped OpenSolver folder.) OpenSolver on Microsoft windows may not run if installed to an unmapped service eg \\server\myfiles\ or one which has unicode characters.
  4. Double click OpenSolver.xlam. There could after that feel a little wait as Excel monitors the digital trademark throughout the OpenSolver laws.
  5. If expected in a shine Security see, promote shine permissions allow the OpenSolver macros. Possible hit rely on all from author unless you want to be found the Excel protection find again.
  6. The OpenSolver commands will likely then show up under Excel’s information tab on screens, or in the eating plan pub on a Mac computer.
  7. If utilizing succeed for Mac computer 2016, stick to the instructions more down the page to set up the solvers
  8. OpenSolver hinges on open source solvers manufactured by COIN-OR; please contemplate donating to COIN-OR.

Signed rule: observe that as of Oct 2014, the OpenSolver rule was signed by the writer “The college of Auckland”. This will make the laws safer. But succeed will occasionally should check out the digital signature by getting in touch with hosts using the internet, that may grab a couple of seconds.

Support our Solver neighborhood: OpenSolver include open supply solvers created by COIN-OR. Without these, OpenSolver would not occur. Kindly support all of our solver developers by giving to COIN-OR.

Create OpenSolver set up lasting: OpenSolver will be available and soon you give up succeed. Should you desire, there’s two methods making OpenSolver forever found in shine. Perhaps, utilize OpenSolver… About OpenSolver…. and look “Load OpenSolver when Excel starts”, you can also copy the documents from the .zip to the shine add-in directory. This can be generally:

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\”user title”\Application Data\Microsoft\Addins

Screens Vista and later (7, 8, 8.1): C:\Users\”user name”\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Addins

Mac Computer OSX: /Applications/Microsoft Workplace 2011/Office/Add-Ins

The shine Solver is actually a product or service manufactured by Frontline methods for Microsoft. OpenSolver does not have any association with, nor is recommended by, Microsoft or Frontline methods. All signature terms would be the property of their respective proprietors.

Installing Solvers on shine for Mac 2016

If you should be running shine 2016 on Mac, you’ll want to put in the solvers after unzipping OpenSolver. Within the unzipped folder, head to Solvers/osx there are certainly a file also known as “OpenSolver Solvers.pkg”. Open this file and then click through prompt to setup the solvers on your pc (you will need to enter the manager password to accomplish this). After this you should be able to need OpenSolver as normal.

Using Gurobi on shine for Mac 2016

Considering the sandbox, Gurobi is not able to pick their licenses file whenever we start they from OpenSolver. This is often fixed by duplicating the permit document “gurobi.lic” (which often is in your property folder) with the after folder:

Instead, it is possible to open a terminal and paste the following order to place the licenses file within the best source for information (in the event your permit file is actually a non-default location you will want to change this order basic):

How come we truly need an installer for shine 2016 on Mac?

Workplace for Mac computer 2016 is sandboxed, and therefore it would possibly best work executables which happen to be situated in some whitelisted web directories using the pc. We must put the Solvers index into these types of whitelisted locations in order for we could operate the solver binaries for OpenSolver. This folder is actually write-protected and needs admin right to change, so we supply the installer to streamline the create processes.