Revelation! Revelation: The "pro-reform" are aliens! For some time, the charge that ran on social networks, where teachers are very present, was to consider the "pro-reform" as people disconnected from realities on the ground and out of classes. What was a rumor has been confirmed in amazing ways: most homework helper
of them are of extraterrestrial origin! Departed among French teachers for generations, their existence was suspected but could not be scientifically proven before. Thank you Neurosciences This was during a study on neuroscience that the secret was discovered. While researchers had to comment on the students in a college class, two teachers (often termed "pedagogists") that accompanied them had their brains also observed unwittingly by these scientists. And their results are categorical: "brainwaves have a new configuration, which suggests that we are facing a strange new species," said one of the researchers who wishes to remain anonymous (in homage to the first accusers themselves anonymous on Twitter). "They do not reason like us and especially they positively considering the consequences of their actions not as we do ourselves," says another scientist at the MRC (Master Creatures Recognition) Lizards applied Mutation or species from elsewhere? Some experts debates are not sliced. But for others it is not in doubt. "They are not only above ground but they are not even in our galaxy," according to a prominent professor at Al Bator Cairo University. "It may be lemurs or more likely some kind of large lizards (do not we talking about besides teaching scales?)" The debate remains open among specialists. To answer should conduct studies on a larger number of individuals. It seems that the dates of 21 and 22 October could afford to conduct discreet and many tests. [Tribute to Eduk News at Gorafi …] (and "V" series for illustrations) Posted by Watrelot on Wednesday, October 26, 2016